Enjoy the Rhythm of Nature with Luxury

Say goodbye to all your stress and refresh with our spa treatments!

Nature and wellness run smoothly like a gently flowing river and it creates a world of indulgence, balance and harmony. Cocoons of serenity, spas have become the favorite ports of call for those who want to bliss out. Our ayurveda spa with specialized doctors is truly a paradigm of wellness, beauty and care. Many therapies practiced here are nature’s pharmacy for the modern age which enhances physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our skillful therapists make your Chakras realigned. It is somewhat like a simultaneous rejuvenation of soul and body. The aesthetically designed facility in a serene environment provides a great place for mindfulness and introspection. Just rejuvenate and relax.

Nature and Luxury

Enjoy breathtaking vistas of Munnar with Broadbean Resort and Spa

Munnar, one of the most geographically blessed hill stations in the world, lures millions of nature lovers and travellers. Over the decades, Munnar is in the centre stage of tourism for its misty mountains, well-groomed tea plantations, different shades of green, fog-kissed mountains and valleys,

Munnar provides an exotic glimpse of the wild, an unforgettable lovely green picture in the heart of any traveler. Great trekking routes, amazing views, beautiful waterfalls, blanket of mist over the vast expanse of tea plantations in the rolling hills give this place a magical touch.


Pool with Views

Relax by our poolside and experience nature and luxury together. Perfect for a calm afternoon in Munnar.


No trip to Munnar os complete without huddling around the warmth of a bonfire in the chilly nights.


Staying at Broadbean Resort and Spa is an experience in itself. Here, enjoy the stunning views all around you.

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